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Emmanuel E. O

Emmanuel E. O

My name is Emmanuel E. O and I’m a blogger with an obsession for anything TECH making a living from this new and dynamic medium.

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

My name is Emmanuel E. O and I’m a blogger making leaving from this new and dynamic medium.

I’m also a webmaster and a web designer with 5 years experience in the field.

Back in 2013, I stumbled upon a website (web.com) with a tag “Build It Yourself” website builder. Then I didn’t know how to build a website but discovering the website have given me a profession. Today I earn Thousands of Dollars in blogging. Sound so fast and easy?

…Drag and Drop Web Page Builder did it!



Within a few days of careful studies of the hosting package, I built my first personal website with great features. I have learned so much from the experience of that website which inspired me so much that I’ve designed and hosted so many more websites.


To enable individuals to share good ideas that would foster growth and development to the society because over the years, Technology has taken over this age called computer age but it will amaze you to know that today there are many University graduates out there who do not have knowledge of computer especially in Africa. So many youths have also learned it by means of using it for activities that are contrary to the law thereby denting the image of the nation but there are lots more one could do on the internet and earn good money legitimately.

In advanced countries today, both graduates and even primary school children are well exposed to the internet and are making good use of their computers for lucrative purposes.

Looking back in 2005 when I completed school as a computer science student, I could not boast of what I could do perfectly with the computer all because we lacked so much in the area of practical back in the school. I could remember vividly that for a period of 4 years in school, we (computer students) visited the school computer room only twice for practical with over One Hundred (100) students on only Two (2) computers.

As a matter of fact, a student of Electrical Electronics taught me how to create and access my first yahoo E-mail account.

After much thoughts on my experience and the lack of information on this area, I felt it would be of good benefit to the society and the country at large to introduce this blog (Share Creative Ideas).

This blog is dedicated to sharing lucrative ideas and learning new things via the website sharecreativeideas.com

I hope you enjoy your time as you view.

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